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Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the world, affecting hundreds-of-thousands in the US alone each year. There is no definitive test for Lyme disease and there is no cure. Our mission at the LEAF program, Inc 501(c)(3) is to provide a learning experience that children will never forget.


We provide education on Lyme disease, tick prevention, and other tick-borne diseases. Education is essential in combating this horrible disease that continually spreads to the world’s youth. 


Onsite experiences with Lyme disease survivors, interactive activities and "No-Ticks-Please" goodie bags are just the ticket to #endlyme! This program is dedicated to visiting with children in their environments so that they know the dangers and preventive behaviors to keep them safe from debilitating diseases.


Our goal for the future is that no child should have to lose their youth to the horrors of Lyme disease. With a mobile-educational unit, social media to educate, train and develop—the Lyme Education Tour will hopefully be worldwide within the next 5 years.


Provide communities with knowledge of ticks, tick-borne diseases,

Join the tour! 

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