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"LEAF provided our campers with an entertaining and informative presentation about lyme disease prevention. Our campers loved learning more about how to be safe here at camp and would love for them to come back next year for more prevention tips and tricks." Sam Tourville - Camp Ninigret Assistant Director 

"Wow! Ms. Cassidy Colbert did a great presentation for my 4th grade students. She was very knowledgeable about Lyme Disease and answered many questions from the students. Cassidy had several visuals aids and kept the students engaged with her engaging "fact or fiction" game.  I believe my students now understand how important it is to protect themselves all-year-round from ticks and their potential life-changing/threatening diseases. I am looking forward to having Cassidy back next year. Ms. Colbert is an asset to our community and has my highest recommendation." -Elaine Marrama, Teacher at Clearspring elementary

Camper Comments

"I wish I could see it again!" - VA camper

"I like learning about this stuff. It's Interesting!"- MA Camper

"I love how positive you are!"-VA Camper 

“We are so thankful for Dr. Fox and the program she offered for our summer day camp! She was easy to work with, had great materials for the kids and kept them engaged.”

-Jonathan Stewart, Recreation Program Supervisor at Kent County Parks & Recreation

"The LEAF presentation at camp was extremely informative. The campers were able to learn all the proper precautions when around areas ticks are located. They also learned facts about ticks themself." Tyler Callahan - Camp Ninigret Assistant CIT Director 

"Dr. Fox and her partner Cassidy came to visit our summer camp several times in 2019. Their presentations are extremely beneficial, presenting the information to our young campers in ways that were straightforward and easy to comprehend, even for children. I've been an environmental educator for years and I'll admit that even I learned some new things about ticks from the presentation. In an area like Virginia where it is so common to come into contact with ticks, this kind of education is vital. Dr. Fox and her associates are helping our children to keep themselves safe, and they are doing it in a way that makes it fun for everyone." Zachary Naegele, Nature Program Supervisor for Fredericksburg's Parks, Recreation and Events.


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